A bit about Troentorp Clogs from Båstad Sweden

Clogs were first made in Troentorp just outside Bastad in the south of Sweden over a hundred years ago in 1907. The small Swedish clog factory was started by August Johansson who had spent the previous 8 years learning his trade from a local cobbler in the Bastad area. Over the years the production process developed and in 1942 August sons, Borje and Stig, took over the clog factory.

Troentorp Clogs has always emphasized the importance of orthopedically correctly constructed clogs, the base being made of alderwood, with the right proportions of the curvature of the clogs’ insteps. This is of great importance to give the correct lumbar support for people who spend all day on their feet working in their wooden clogs. We have many customers in the restaurant and care industries who wear chef clogs and nurse clogs all day everyday.

We are furthering the tradition started over 100 years ago by August Johansson in Bastad, the knowledge and craftsmanship handed down through generations of wooden clog cobblers. We hope that you also will enjoy the comfort of your very own clogs, whichever Troentorp clog model you choose.
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